qy288千亿国际网址 成立于1996年,注册资金1000万。公司从事室内室外标识标牌导视系统的规划、设计、制作、安装与售后。

       qy288千亿国际网址 简称qy288千亿国际网址标识,qy288千亿国际网址标识本着“创新发展,携手共赢”的企业精神,为广大客户提供具有品牌特色的导视系统创意设计,精良的制作工艺,高品质的安装售后服务;以“创新,品质,服务,节约,诚信,团队”12字发展理念,视品质为生命,以服务为己任,不断开拓,勇于进取。高素质的团队,精良的生产设备,全 方位的服务跟踪,为高质量产品和精品工程提供了有力保障,并致力于以“美观、精致、典雅”之产品和“专 业、细致、高 效”之服务,为客户赢得品牌效益的优化。



SHIJIAZHUANG JINGGONG BIAOSHI ADVERTISEMENT CO., LTD. was founded in 1996 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company specializes in the planning, design, production, installation and after-sales of indoor and outdoor sign guide system.
SHIJIAZHUANG JINGGONG BIAOSHI ADVERTISEMENT CO., LTD. is referred to as JINGGONG BIAOSHI, which provides creative design, excellent production process, high-quality installation and after-sales service for customers in line with the enterprise spirit of "innovation, development and win-win cooperation"; with "innovation, quality, service, economy, integrity" "Team" 12 words development concept, quality as life, service as its own responsibility, continuous development, courage to forge ahead. High-quality professional team, excellent production equipment and all-round service tracking provide a strong guarantee for high-quality products and high-quality engineering, and are committed to "beautiful, exquisite, elegant" products and "professional, meticulous and efficient" services, to maximize brand benefits for customers.




Our work:

      JINGGONG BIAOSHI union provides a set of services for customers worldwide, including: medical care, real estate community, educational institutions, financial systems, landscape gardens, business areas, venues, municipal, office and other security areas of logo-oriented design, production and installation, and firmly believes that our services will satisfy you.



       qy288千亿国际网址标识自成立二十多年以来,我们的组织机构在不断的完善和更新,我们的团队在不断壮大。我们的管理团队由一批经验丰富的管理者组成,我们有先进的企业管理方法,和丰富的项目管理经验;我们的设计,由广告设计、平面设计、3D设计等多专业组成,为客户提供优良的方案;我们的生产、安装团队有着数十年的各类工程经验,为客户提供优 质的产品。

Our team:

        JINGGONG BIAOSHI since its establishment more than 20 years ago, our organization is constantly improving and updating, our team is growing. Our management team is composed of a group of experienced managers, we have advanced business management methods, and rich project management experience; our design, by advertising design, graphic design, 3D design and other professional composition, to provide customers with excellent solutions; our production and installation team has decades of various. Engineering experience, to provide customers with quality products.


Our attitude:

       Not for flourishing,giving up nventivenes;Persisting fine workmanship and holding the true intention.


Our core values are:

       Being honest with people,we together come to the distance;Not easy to make ingenuity,being successful


Our philosophy:

       To oneself: attitude decides success or failure, quality decides future.
       To customers: sincere and sincere.
       To employees: people oriented.
       对生产:精于心,工于艺,降低成本,提高 效益
       To production: good at heart, work and art, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
       To product:The pursuit shows ingenuity , exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality.
       To partners: Coexistence and win-win.


Our goal:

       Glory belongs to the past history! In the future, we will work more and  more harder...
       We need to talk more.It is necessary to discuss and decide.
       Do things with responsibilityand be grateful.
       Integrity, responsibility, service and innovation.
       人才第 一,追求一 流,引 领变革,正道经营,共存共赢。
       Talent first, pursue first class, lead reform, operate properly, coexist and win together.

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