Have you chosen the right color for the logo design?

大家好,这里是qy288千亿国际网址 ,又称石家庄qy288千亿国际网址标识,是石家庄标识,设计,制作,安装,为一体的综合性厂家,一直遵寻质优价低,即同等价格,质量优良,同等质量,价格的原则,在石家庄已立足20余年,欢迎新老客户咨询定做。

Hello, everyone, here is Shijiazhuang JingGong Advertising Co., Ltd., also known as Shijiazhuang JingGongBiaoShi. It is a comprehensive manufacturer integrating Shijiazhuang logo, design, production and installation. It has been abiding by the principle of low quality and price, that is, equal price, good quality, equal quality and lowest price. It has been based in Shijiazhuang for more than 20 years. Customized consultation for new and old customers.


Today, I would like to talk with you about the choice of logo design color, and his points for attention.


Color, with its color implication, means that different colors have different implications and belong to the category of psychology. As we often say, red implies passion, liveliness and publicity, blue implies tranquility, freedom, green represents new life, hope, white represents purity and simplicity. In addition to the psychological expression of color, it must be easy to recognize, as background color, widely used in a series of graphic design, and we will see some well-known representative colors that can evoke psychological resonance, as well as the associations from the color. As the most prominent feature of the logo, color can attract consumers'attention first. Therefore, the choice of color is very important in the logo design.


In the color design of the logo system, the universal color should be the first choice in the design. The basic function of universal color is to convey the inner perceptual appeal through vision. For the audience, different people, different groups, different social types and different cognitive psychology of color are different. The color design of logo board needs to be socialized, popular, general and accepted by the world.


The importance of color and eyes, just as our ears must appreciate music, is hard to imagine what it would be like in a world without logos and designs. Colors can evoke people's emotions and describe people's thoughts. Different colors can express different emotions.

In logo design, we have more colors to choose, but we must choose the most appropriate color. Hospital logo plays an important role in our life, so we need to pay more attention to color when designing.

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